Deserving Cats at the Sanctuary

The life of many cats at the shelter, may seem as though everything is fine and dandy.  For the most part they are. 
The one thing that the cats want is a bond with a human, who they can tend to with their distinct way of showing it with their owner.  They all have personalities of their own, each bringing special traits to a relationship, whether at the Sanctuary, or in your home.  The cats do a fine job of managing their daily lives at the Sanctuary.
They have made friends from within the facility.  Both Feline and Human!  We engage all of the cats to play, spend quality time with humans, and nurture those who may need extra assistance fitting in, or feeling like they are apart of a feline community.  Some are hesitant at first, but eventually find their way into the community.  We are grateful for the time that is spent engaging with the feline community.  We sure could use more loving people to help spending time, getting to know these wonderful creatures.  We LOVE all of the Cats!  We want to see them hang on your wall as members of your family.  We know some people can't have pets in their home, so consider volunteering, and have contact with many wonderful animals!  Please contact us, make a donation, join our Facebook Page, tell your family and friends about us, or come to a fundraiser in the future.

If you would like to mail a check as a donation please use the following address:

Purr-fect Companions Sanctuary
P.O. Box
Lakewood, OH 44107

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