Recipes for Cats

  1. Here are several recipes that provide the essential ingredients for a home-prepared cooked diet for your cats. It's best to alternate these meals to ensure your cat gets all the nutrients she needs over a period of time. You may want to start by offering a home-cooked meal once a week, as an alternate to your cat's normal commercial foods. Since cats are sometimes known to be fussy creatures, they may enjoy some of these recipes more than others.



 Cats are amazing animals.  They will do healing and can do much more, as well.  They make excellent pets as they are fairly clean and quiet.  Cats are a little more selfish than dogs, but more and more cats are enjoying better health with nutritional balancing science, and this may help them to be less selfish.

Unlike dogs, cats are more like wild animals in that they can often survive in the wild.  This may be because cats have more of their natural instincts than dogs.

Cats carry a little more disease than dogs.  For example, many, if not most of them have some toxoplasmosis, a parasite that can be transmitted to human beings.  So do not hug and kiss your cat.