Is your Cat Food Safe? Recalls and Alerts

Properly feeding your pet is one of your most important tasks as its caretaker. If you’re hungry for a “cat food adviser,” you’ll find resources on our site to help you along the way. There are hundreds, perhaps thousands, of cat food brands out there.
When people hear of Pet Food recalls, we typically cringe hearing that companies have had poor quality, harmful ingredients, even poisons inside of the food and/or treats.  We must be proactive in knowing where to find lists of recalled food to ensure that the foods we give to our animals is healthful and nutritious.  Luckily, we have the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to test all foods being sold to protect us,
and our pets from contaminants.  Knowing the food that we have researched, been given recommendations to use, or just the "slogans" that companies give to the food does not guarantee its wholesomeness or actual quality. Pet Food Companies don't always buy from companies that have high standards in ensuring the safety.  Some ingredients come from oversees manufacturers that don't have high standards, or laws that keep them to a high standard to keep them safe.  Companies can just be trying to save money within the manufacturing process.  We always want pet owners to do their own research into the food they choose to give their animals.  We want our readers to have the best sources to find out what products are safe, and that are not.  Listed below are the best websites to find out the latest recalls for pet foods.

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