Find a Senior Cat who is calm and usually set in their ways. They make great companions!

Cats from 8 years of age and older.

Seniors Cats for Adoption

Princess is a female cat who wants you to love her.  ADOPTDONTSHOP

Princess - 18 yrs old Female

Princess lost her mistress and ended up at the APL. Lucky for her, the APL put her up for adoption at 18 yrs old. Unfortunately, her new mistress developed health problems and eventually was moved into an Assisted Living Facility with no pets allowed. So, poor Princess, through no fault of her own, is stuck in a shelter for her final years instead of a home of her own with someone who would give her the love she deserves. Could you give this super sweet senior kitty a cozy loving home?


Breed: American SHorthair
Age: 12 yrs.
Sex: Male

Wally is a 12 year old very handsome, white male cat with gorgeous blue eyes.  Wally is looking for a new place to call home.  He was surrendered to PCS a year ago due to health issues in the family.  He is a perfect gentleman, who loves to be petted.  Wally could be susceptible to crystals in his urine so he needs to be watched to catch any possible future issues.  If you are looking to add a new fury friend to your home, consider adopting Wally - he gets along well with other cats. Wally has a lot of life and love to give - won't you consider giving this boy a chance to have a home of his own?

She has such a beautiful coat of fur.

Breed: American Shorthair
Age: Senior
Sex: Female

Whispers - 12 yrs old Female

Whispers lived much of her life with a gentleman who eventually lost his home and had to surrender her for security-sake. Although Whispers is older, she is quiet, and friendly and certainly deserving of a cozy, loving home. A picture of her curled up by the fireplace would come to mind if you met her. A loving companion – but not a lap cat.